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Arenpro stands for Architectural Engineering Program.

What is ArenPro?

ArenPro is a web-based and cloud-based building energy analysis tool developed for architects and building designers to be used early in the design process. Compared to other building simulation tools, ArenPro provides an easy, rapid, and real-time analysis process and enables the exploration and optimization of a large number of design options, which helps designers make informed decisions from the beginning of the design. It leverages a wide range of parametric capabilities, statistical assessment, knowledge management, artificial intelligence, and parallel computing to improve workflow. 


While various building energy calculation tools are available in the market, the cumbersome process of modeling the building, the extensive sets of technical input, and the perplexing results make their application difficult particularly for architects. ArenPro aims to integrate the simplified hourly calculation method with an effortless map-based 3d modeling technique in a well-organized platform for comprehensive design optimization. Adjoining advanced and interactive visualization techniques to the platform makes it easy for architects to interpret the results and get meaningful guidance during the design stage.



We take extensive knowledge and expertise from our team of PhDs in the domains of energy analysis, computational design, programming, and data science to provide the following energy analysis approaches:

  • Simple Hourly Energy Analysis Tool for a Design 
  • A Parametric Study of Various Design Alternatives using Full-Factorial 
  • Advanced Optimization Techniques with Post-Processing the Results
  • Energy-Driven Generative Design 
  • Inverse Modeling Approach for Energy-Informed Design Decision


Value Proposition

  • The web-based and cloud-based tool makes it accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • It offers a fast yet accurate calculation method
  • The parametric study enables the exploration of a large number of design options
  • It offers a simple approach to drawing 3D buildings on the map
  • Advanced output visualization enables informative and intuitive design guidance
  • Post-processing the results makes the interpretation easy



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